The Why

You started your business. Check. You launched your website. Check. Maybe you even started making a little profit. Check. But now what? How do you sustain that growth? How do you keep your brand fresh on everyone’s mind and keep YOU as their “go to” person for what they need or want?

The Brand Builder Book is my opportunity to aid and encourage you through my career experience and subject matter expertise. As I’ve reached some of my career goals, I felt it was important to help others, like yourself, accomplish your goals in return. The Brand Builder Book symbolizes the knowledge we all have within us that we often take for granted. Seldom realizing that this quantifiable knowledge should be shared amongst networks, so that we as millennials can help one another.

It was written because, like you I am an entreBRANDneur as well, and I have a passion for propelling those around me to experience success from a higher view. I've had the pleasure of boosting the pockets of large corporations and brands, while only seeing marginal return in my own, and I'm dedicated to sharing those experiences with you in order to open your mind to all the different channels you can leverage when building and marketing your business. 

The Who

The Brand Builder Book was written for the “always on the clock” thriving small business owner, marketer, entrepreneur, or up and coming artist hungry to propel your business and brand towards success. As a reader, you'll be labeled as an entreBRANDneur and together I'll walk you through how I've helped Fortune 500 companies and widely recognized brands grow, and how I will help you do the same. An entreBRANDneur is a man or woman who builds their own brand. If sleepless nights and early mornings are just a few of your sacrifices you encounter as you build your own empire, then this is the perfect book for you.  

The What

Ever wondered how the Cokes, Apples and Facebooks of the world continue growing their businesses? Ready to build or grow your own brand or business

In this publication, I reveal authentic corporate strategies I’ve gained working with some of the world’s largest Fortune 500 corporations, helping them build brands, connect with their target audience, and achieve repeat success.

Having worked on projects with L'Oreal Cosmetics, Cox Communications, AstraZeneca, Sharpie, Elmer's Glue, Calphalon and many more, you'll receive case studies and brand applications written from my first-hand experiences, and will gain tips to take your business to the next level.

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