Past Events


Park100 - The Summer Classic

The Emerging 100 of Atlanta hosted it’s inaugural “Summer Soiree”. Guests had the privilege of experiencing pristine sounds from some of Atlanta's most well-known live music bands and an unforgettable night filled with breathtaking skyline views at sunset.

Celebrating a night of education and culture over great cocktails, the Brands and Booze event, highlights faces and brands recognized both nationally and locally, panelists included: Kent Johnson, Co-Founder of Black & Abroad; Mark A. Williams, Author of "The Brand Builder Book" and Founder of Brigital; Emmelie De La Cruz, Author of "Make Yourself Marketable"; Gamal Codner, Co-Founder of Fresh Heritage and Customer Mojo; K. Renee Ward, Author of "Straight Outta Corporate"; and was hosted by: Tyisha Fernandes, Reporter for WSBTV Atlanta.


The #30BoxesWithBox event was a celebration of Mark's 30th Birthday in support of the Hosea Helps Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to servicing the community. At the event, he donated over 30 boxes of shoes, clothes and toiletries back to the foundation.

Holiday Soiree and Benefit

As the young professional auxiliary to the 100 Black Men of Atlanta, the Emerging 100 of Atlanta hosts fundraising events throughout the year dedicated to it’s mission of providing scholarships for Atlanta Public School students. The soiree is their flagship event.