The Brand Builder Book: Seven Plans to Expand Your Brand (ebook)

The Brand Builder Book: Seven Plans to Expand Your Brand (ebook)


Ever wondered how the Cokes, Apples and Facebooks of the world continue growing their businesses? Ready to build or grow your own brand or business

In this publication, I reveal authentic corporate strategies I’ve gained working with some of the world’s largest Fortune 500 corporations, helping them build brands, connect with their target audience, and achieve repeat success.

Having worked on projects with L'Oreal Cosmetics, Cox Communications, AstraZeneca, Sharpie, Elmer's Glue, Calphalon and many more, you'll receive case studies and brand applications written from my first-hand experiences, and will gain tips to take your business to the next level.

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"The Brand Builder Book is smart, witty, and informative while it also provides relevant and tactical steps paired with real-world corporate examples that are both engaging and easy to follow. I've already realized a lift in site traffic and email click through. I look forward to continuing to apply these 7 strategies to my new business venture."

Nakeya B.
Senior Global PMO Lead
Accenture Digital

"In The Brand Builder Book Mark gives his readers great insights for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to build, and/or improve on their business operations. From acquiring new customers to social media strategies, this book is packed with must have tips for success!"

Eyi U.
Channel Marketing Manager

"The Brand Builder Book did a great job of taking a complicated & sometimes frustrating process of building a brand and broke that process down into simple, easy to follow steps. Kudos to Mark for putting this together!"

Gamal C.
Customer Mojo & Fresh Heritage

"Easy to execute techniques for building your brand or business."

Marcus G.
Director of Sales & Strategy
The Framers

“The Brand Builder Book is extremely encouraging and very relatable to millennials, such as myself, who are striving to be more and make a mark in this world. It's an excellent representation on the steps that should be taken, in order to move forward and be successful with our passions.”

Paige T. 

Business Strategy Analyst
Ernst & Young